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Track your building conditions in real-time and easily share them with your customers in-store, online, and on mobile.



Sensor Types

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Always On Informing You

Real-Time Monitoring

Our secure automated system monitors the conditions at each location with web, app and kiosk views

Real-Time Awareness

Intelligent sensors provide a real-time view with SMS or email alerts on critical information and searchable historical data

Significant Energy Savings

With our suite of energy saving techniques you can cut back on overall energy spend by up to 20% and extend the life of your machinery

Streamline Necessary Data Collection Processes

Historical Reporting Compliance

From refrigeration units to actual building conditions – Onformant allows you to keep a running pulse on the operating status of the systems that matters to your organization. With the capacity for extensive historical logs of daily temperature readings – our platform helps you to stay compliant with health department audits without the typical manual labor. Our sensors not only capture your organization’s essential data but also allow you to calibrate your machinery to the readings that really matter allowing you to report on the temperature of the actual goods as opposed to the air they are stored in.

Historical Reporting

Download your historical data through our online portal as a csv or .xlsx file to stay on top of your compliance requirements without manually checking every reading

Sensor calibration

Calibrate your sensors to the metrics that matter to you – set refrigeration units to monitor the actual internal temperature of goods rather than their storage temperature.

Rest Easy with Automated Alerting

Real-Time Alerting

As we provide our standard information capture, we also integrate a range of alerts to inform you of any potential issues within your tracked systems. This includes reaching critical out of range temperature points or even the starting downward trends so unexpected outages can be proactively attended to. With always-on alerting you can rest easy knowing you’ll be notified when your systems aren’t performing the way they should.

Custom Alerting Thresholds

Work with our team to find the inflection points that matter to you when setting up your Alerting Notifications. Receive SMS or Email notifications at downward trends or critical readings to mitigate unexpected outages

Reduce your overall energy consumption

Significant Energy Savings

Our sensors don’t just help with your compliance and alerting – they also actively improve the energy efficiency of your cooling units for refrigeration and HVAC. When paired with our suite of energy saving treatments you could save upwards of 20% on your overall energy spend and extend the life of your machinery. With an extensive selection of additional treatments available to add on – each tied to additional energy savings – you can cover the cost of the monitoring and put funds back in your pocket each month while reducing overall maintenance needs.

Improve Energy Efficiency

Reduce unnecessary compressor firings, set product temperatures to maximize satisfaction and savings, protect machinery from build-up, and more to improve performance.

Increased life of machinery

Reduce unnecessary compressor firings, set product temperatures to maximize satisfaction and savings, protect machinery from build-up, and more to improve performance.

Use Cases

Countless Applications



Easily record the temperatures within your walk in freezers and coolers with our automated monitoring while decreasing overall energy usage

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Medical Centers

Medical Centers

Maintain the status of your vaccine storage and other critical materials with always on, NIST-certified Monitoring and Alerting

Nursing Homes

Nursing Homes

Automate cooler and freezer temperature recording for medical and food supplies with built-in alerting for equipment failures

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Convenience and Liquor Stores

Convenience and Liquor Stores

Massively reduce energy spend while delivering optimal temperature goods and extending the life of your machinery

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Dining and Entertainment

Dining and Entertainment

Maintain the quality of your ingredients, prevent doors from being left open for extended periods, and cut back on energy costs

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Fully Customizable Solutions ForYour Business

We Bring Our Own Network

Fully Secured Installation

With all of the security concerns surrounding network maintenance in operations today – we have built a solution that is able to stay off of your network. Included in the cost of your subscription are sensors that are able to stay connected to our applications running fully on their own network. 

Endless Customizations

Suited to Your Needs

With over 5000 different sensors, we can customize our solution to meet an infinite range of use cases. Add in air quality monitoring, fleet tracking, regular door tracking, humidity monitoring and more with the help of our team of experts. Get in touch today to learn more.

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